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Best Vacuum Sealer Reviews 2017 - In Depth Guide

Vacuum sealers are undoubtedly one of the finest inventions for your kitchen. Did you know that despite having refrigeration system, a lot of people still hesitate to store their food for a long period of time?

Vacuum sealers came as a supreme benefit in that scenario and thus, we decided to go for an article about the vacuum sealer that are available around us.

Let’s face it guys! No matter how messy we are, we do not like to waste food at all! You will find people who are ready to waste money but there are hardly any people who like to waste food.

There is a psychological connection between kitchen materials and human brains and therefore, we do not like those items to be wasted. Previously, we hardly had any choice.

We had to go through the basics of the regular preservation techniques and in most cases, those were not effective.

What is a Vacuum Sealer ?

The name implies, a vacuum sealer literally “vacuums” air out of the bag before it is sealed, which hinders the growth of any bacteria or mold that can cause food to spoil. This can extend the shelf life of your food, allowing you to store it for much longer periods of time.

If we want to keep it simple then a vacuum sealer is a sack heat sealer which you will use for quality packing purposes. People do not use vacuum sealers simply to send gifts from here to there. When you need a pack that will keep the inside product well for a long period of time, you will go for a vacuum sealer.

One of the biggest enemies of most products in this world (food and non-food items) is air. Air itself is an enemy and there are a ton of other elements mixed with air which carry harmful parts for the product that you want to keep safe. 

Now, what is the one thing that you can do to make sure that the product is safe and healthy for a long period of time? The answer is that you can simply make sure that the product is in an airtight place where air won’t be able to access your product. Therefore, there is no chance that the product will get damaged.

Vacuum sealer works exactly in that fashion. With the help of a vacuum sealer, you do not need to worry about the lifetime of a product or a food. Most people only store food with vacuum sealers and that is why we are mentioning foods in every steps. 

Otherwise, you can use vacuum sealer to store different kinds of products too. This issue leads us to another topic. What can we store using vacuum sealers?

Editor Pick's Top Vacuum Sealer

No more further ado, Check our Top Ten List.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing; Model no: V2244

As you can get it from the name, the FoodSaver is there to save your food for long terms. The product is very simple and handy to use. 

Editor Rating

This is a basic product from the promising brand FoodSaver who has been producing quality vacuum sealers for a long time now. The price will fit most people’s budget and you will be satisfied for a long time with this product. The machine comes with some additional kits which adds value to the basic item.

This is not one of those fancy products with a ton of benefits. This is a basic one that serves the purposes well.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with Extra roll, bag and accessory hose
  • 1 year warranty
  • Works best with same company bags and rolls
  • Instant Seal model

Seal a Meal Manual Vacuum Sealer

The name is interesting and the product is even better in terms of the features and the benefits.

Editor Rating

There are two different versions of this product available in the market right now. One of them comes at a basic price with minimum features where the other one is premium.

The press and hold release system is something that is easy to manage and you will find it super easy to use this machine. The shape is nice enough to hold in a standard table and the compact design is something that you will love. Overall, this is a goo model to go for.

Highlighted Features

  • Easy hold and release system
  • Brilliant design and size
  • Completely hands free
  • Enough lights to make your life easy

Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealer

Nesco is a popular brand when it comes to a vacuum sealer. They are promising and they are good enough to trust for the long run. There are two different color options for you to choose and they come in different features (a small hint: Black one is costlier).

Editor Rating

The one touch operation helps and the auto turn off feature helps too. There is an external seal function which will help you to seal the foods at a good speed. Apart from the technical facts, the customer support along with the features go hand in hand. This is a brand that you will definitely be satisfied about for the long run.

Highlighted Features

  • Drip tray system
  • Cool design to make your life easy
  • Works fine with all brand’s bags and rolls
  • Easy release system

FoodSaver V3240

This is one of the premium items that you can choose for. There are people who do not buy the basic ones and go for the premium products. If you are one of them then this is the one that you will like. There is a bundle option as well as a single option for you. 

Editor Rating

The cost varies but the bundle option will give you enough features which are worthy of the price. The starter kit will include a bag, heat seal items and a good roll too.

There are two different vacuum speeds and you can easily go for either the moist or the dry food option. The seal is completely crush free and the roll holder is very convenient.

Highlighted Features

  • 2 different speed settings
  • Works for both moist and dry foods
  • Comes with a cool starter kit

FoodSaver 4840

Again, this is a premium product! If you are looking for a premium product from a great brand then this is the one that you should select. 

Editor Rating

The price is one of the highest ones in this market but the features are worthy of the price. Not many people actually care about the look of their vacuum sealers but if you are one of those small number of people, you will like this one.

The built in handheld sealer is a great addition to the project. The starter kit along with the heat seal and zipper bag comes in handy at times.

Look like an elegant and simple, this machine has an incredible feature of 2-in-1 vacuum sealing. It used for paper bags, boxes, and containers. Unlike many other vacuum sealing machines, it can be utilized on zip bags as well.

The smart heat seal makes the process faster and automatic function. Additionally, it has an extra sealing strip. This feature provides an additional secure airtight seal, and it is wider than other ones. The machine also has a quick marinating feature. This FoodSaver 4840 weighs only 10 pounds; perfect for carrying around.

Highlighted Features

  • 2-in-1 Sealing System
  • Built-in handheld sealer seals zipper bags, canisters, containers and marinates food
  • Fully-automatic operation
  • Moist/Dry food settings for optimal sealing
  • PulseVac™ button allows you to seal foods without crushing them
  • Convenient roll storage and bag cutter
  • Pull-out drip tray drawer with removable and dishwasher-safe drip tray
  • Extra-wide sealing strip creates a secure air-tight seal
  • One-touch marinate and accessory modes

Ivation Vacuum Sealer

There are two basic versions available for people to go for. One is the black version and another is the white one. 

Editor Rating

There is not much difference among these two versions in terms of the product features. You will have to choose one based on the color solely. The product is good if you think about the combinations of the feature along with the price.

The brand Ivation does not sell the product on their own but the customer support is good enough to be satisfied about. It comes with starter kit and a wide bag.If you are looking for that perfect combination of low price and good features, this is probably the one that you should check out.

Highlighted Features

  • Great for domestic use
  • Especially recommended for Sous Vide cooking
  • Very lightweight
  • Big in terms of size (12 inch)

FoodSaver Game Saver Outdoorsman Vacuum Sealing System

Again we are here with another Food Saver product! Do not get us wrong. We are not promoting any specific brands but you will see a lot of Food Saver products in this page as they are the one dominating the industry in today’s world.

Editor Rating

The product is manual which is a problem but you can take it out with you and that needed the manual function. Obviously, you cannot find a plug for electric sources everywhere.

The machines comes with 5 years of warranty which is great to have. The 40 consecutive seals that it comes with are good to have too.

Highlighted Features

  • 2 different versions available
  • The operation is completely manual
  • Comes with 5 years of warranty

Food Saver Game Saver Deluxe Vacuum Sealing Kit

As we promise in the previous article, you are seeing another Food Saver sealing kit here (Spoiler alert: There is another one left of Food Saver in this article). 

Editor Rating

This is one of the easiest vacuum sealers to deal with and that is why we consider this as the perfect vacuum sealer.

This is a comparatively newer model from the brand than the other ones out there. The machine is super easy and it can handle both moist and dry foods at ease. The instant seal stops the vacuum process for better management which is good too.

This was made to be a sturdy product. It has a strong vacuum suction for removing air bubbles. It is more powerful to seal the freshest and biggest portions of food. The one touch controls make the operation a snap.

The sealing strip is wide for larger portions of food. The sealing strip creates a strong air tight seal. So no liquid or air can escape. This food saver is a little smaller than others. It is compact and lightweight.

But it carries a lot of power. It can be used anywhere. It won’t move around like some other products do when sealing larger bags of food.

This product can seal a lot of bags before it wears down. It comes with a 10-year warranty, unlike other models.

Like other FoodSaver products, this one has the patented removable drip tray for easy cleanup. Its hands-free design makes it easy for anyone to use.

Highlighted Features

  • 2 Seal Levels
  • 2 Vacuum Speeds
  • Accessory Port
  • Roll Storage and Cutter
  • CrushFree Instant Seal
  • Easy Lock Latch

Hamilton Beach 78213 Nutri Fresh Vacuum Sealer

Hamilton Beach 78213 Nutri Fresh Vacuum Sealer

Having a vacuum sealer at a good budget with 12 bags of starter set is a good combination to go for. The machine is there so that you can save money.

Editor Rating

If you want to play around with vacuum sealers or just want to go for one for the experiment purposes, this is the one that you should target.

The product is not that popular as it is still new but the reviews that we heard from customers are very positive. The product comes with a bag and it prevents freezer burn which is a great feature to have.

Highlighted Features

  • A very budget model to go for
  • Easy to use
  • The machine locks air out to keep food fresh
  • Super simple mechanism

foodsaver v4440

The product comes with a bonus hand held sealer and a starter kit which is pretty common among the Food Saver products. We said about this brand so much that there is nothing much to left about. This is a good product too (we are not being biased, promise!).

Editor Rating

The product is a bit pricey but the features support the price. The hand held set is retractable and the machine is very convenient to use. You will definitely have an wonderful experience with this product.

This innovative appliance helps you do two things at once. It's very useful for both operations, so there's no worry about partially vacuumed bags or air leaking into bags.

What makes the 2-in-1 operation beneficial is the fact that users need not have varied foods saving kitchen appliances. This FoodSaver appliance operates in fully automatic mode.

All you have to do is add food to your FoodSaver Heat Seal bag and insert the open end into the front of the machine. The appliance will vacuum and seal the bag automatically.

With this countertop vacuum sealer, you also get a retractable sealer. This accessory removes air from all FoodSaver bags, canisters, and containers.

Highlighted Features

  • The licensed FoodSaver Heat Seal technology preserves food well in tightly sealed vacuum bags
  • 2-in-1 food preservation appliance that is also quite versatile
  • Automatic vacuum sealing operation increases ease of usevacuum bags and containers
  • Packaged and delivered with a sample of assorted sized bags
  • Space saving design

Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Vacuum Sealer

Now let’s come to the main party. This is the part that we were waiting to write about as this is one of the most important parts that you should know. We will now talk about the things that you need to know before buying a vacuum sealer. 

We will try to cover as many of them as possible and hopefully, these will help you in making a better purchase. Remember that knowledgeable consumers are the best types. Try to be one of them and you will be fine in this journey. Let’s start.

Thickness of bags
Thickness of bags

Thickness is very important to consider while you are looking to go for a vacuum sealer. Remember, we are not talking about the bags here (the vacuum sealer bags).

We are talking about the machines that can seal the bags. If you buy a machine that cannot seal bags of all sizes (from thin to ultra thick), you will have to go for a different machine for another type of bag.

This will be a complete waste of money and therefore, make sure that you do not fall into this trap. Buy one machine which can serve you in the best possible way with all types of services. That will be your right vacuum sealer. The product that is good in one end and does not have a feature for the other end is never good enough. Make sure that you do not go for that trap.

Overheating Issues

Think about this for a second. Overheating is a common problem with most typical consume electric products apart from your oven because that is meant to get heaterd.

If you really think about it, you will find out that most of those do not create any problem due to overheating. Well, vacuum sealers are different and if they are overheated, they will not function properly which is terrible. Therefore, you have to select a brand that does not get overheated and at the same time, the brand has to be something that is trust able. 

If you are buying one of those unknown brands, there is a high chance that you will have to face the overheating problem with the machine. Also, make sure that you do not overuse a machine as that is another reason that why they get overheated.

In short, you will have to make sure that you are buying a device that will not overheat. Make sure that you read customer reviews while you are buying the vacuum sealers as that is the best indicator of quality.


You definitely do not want to go for a vacuum sealer which will be stored in one corner of your room and never moved. Mobility is something that we all want from everything that we use.

If the things that we are using is technical then the demand is even more. You should always go for a vacuum sealer that is simple, light and easily movable from one place to the other. We do not consider a vacuum sealer as the top vacuum sealer unless the machine is easy to move and store. You should think that way too.


There are vacuum sealers out there which are so tough to handle that you lose the interest of using these machines after a while.

Think about that from the beginning and go for a vacuum sealer which is easy to use. You do not need those complex buttons and settings in a vacuum sealer. They are simple and their task is simple too.

Therefore, a good idea is to choose a simple one. Also, it was found from research that the simple vacuum sealers last longer than the ones with complex and super advanced features.


Most vacuum sealers do not come with any attachments but even though, it is a good idea to look for the attachments. If you can manage to get some, that will be good and do not worry if you don’t manage to get some. Most people don’t!


Prices of vacuum sealers vary depending on the design and the technology used. Some of them can be very expensive due to their superior capabilities and high-quality materials.

Types of Vacuum Sealer

There are different types of vacuum sealers and each has their own advantages and disadvantages. In this section, we will tell about some of the most common types of vacuum sealers that you will see around. We will not go into deep though we already feel like we are writing a book. 

We will make sure that you get the most out of the types and therefore, it is important that you know about them. The best consumers are those who know about the products that they are planning to buy. Let’s check the vacuum sealer types.

Nozzle Sealer

The first one that we have in our list is the most common vacuum sealer type of all times. This is the type that we see everywhere in the malls and in online. This is cheap and this is really handy at times in those tough moments.

best Nozzle Sealer

The nozzle sealers are also known as the snorkel sealers and they are definitely one of the top vacuum sealer types. The machines provide quick solutions and you have a wide span of control over everything if you are going with the nozzle sealers.

If we think about the advantages, the prime one is the ease of access. It is super easy to use and manage this machine. The machine will be used only as a sealer if you need it to be like that. This feature also helps in many situations. 

Apart from these benefits, the nozzle sealers can easily seal any size of sack which is another great advantage that you do not find in most cases. Combining all these benefits, the nozzle sealers are definitely the best in business.

Chamber Sealer

The next in our list is the chamber sealers. It is pretty unlikely that you will be familiar with the Chamber sealers as they are not that much common among people. These are mostly used by professionals in medical or similar types of services.

So if you are not someone from one of those services then it is hard for you to understand the concept of chamber sealer. Though it is good to know that the Chamber sealers are here if you are ever in need of this type.

VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Now, what are the advantages if you go with the Chamber sealers? The prime advantage is that you get an awesome vacuum rate. At the same time, as these machines are bigger in terms of size, you will be able to get a big seal while using these machines. 

Apart from these benefits, usage of these machines are pretty easy and you do not need any special skill to be able to vacuum using a chamber sealer. The electric outlet does not take much of a charge which will help in keeping your electricity bill low.

There are some disadvantages of using a Chamber vacuum sealer and it is important that you know about those too. The first disadvantage is definitely the cost factor. The cost of chamber sealers are way more than the nozzle types. 

Yes, they come with some added benefits but for a lot of people, the benefits are not worth it. The chamber sealers are a bit slower in some cases if you are working with a diverse sealing categories. You have to take that into consideration if you are planning to go for a chamber sealer.

The article is already confusing and it won’t be wise to talk about more vacuum sealer types. You should know about these basic two types which will be enough as these are the ones that consumers go for. There are some other types too for industrial purposes which we are not covering here. If you are looking for industrial grade vacuum sealers, please make sure that you contact us. We will be able to help you.

What Can I store Using Vacuum Sealers ?

A lot of people (almost everybody) think that a vacuum sealer is only for your food storage needs and there is no usage apart from this one. Well, as you already understood, the concept is not always right. There is different usage of a good vacuum sealer and that is the topic of this section. Let’s have a look at the usages of a vacuum sealer for you.

Food Storage

Obviously, food storage is the prime and one of the (well not one of the, actually the most) major things that you can do with your vacuum sealer. The reason that people look for the perfect vacuum sealer is because they want their foods to be kept safe. 

If you are dealing with frozen products, you must use a vacuum sealer to make sure that your product is durable and can go for a long time. Who does not want to have fresh foods? Vacuum sealers help you do that and you can enjoy fresh peas, broccolis and strawberries every single time if you use a quality vacuum sealer.

A good thing is that vacuum sealers allow you to store foods whether you have cut it or it is intact. You know that story about grandmothers? Grandmothers always tell that if you have cut an apple, you need to eat the whole of it at once because if you keep it for long enough, the apple will get rotten. Well, if you have a vacuum sealer, you can answer back to your grandmother (gently of course).

There are a lot of angles to view at these things. Some people just use vacuum sealers because they do not want to go to the market every other day, some use it to make sure that their foods are healthy inside their fridge and some do it for higher level purposes such as making jam, jelly with mango in winter (which is not the season of mango) and so on.

Resealing Wine, Oil or Vinegar

This is another popular reason that why many people use vacuum sealers. Especially, people who are passionate about wine want to make sure that their wine is in the best possible condition for a long time. When you are opening up a wine bottle, you must keep the wine inside of the bottle away from air to make sure that the wine does not lose taste.

Wine stopper attachments do the job but vacuum sealers are even better. There are special kinds of vacuum sealers built to protect wine, oil and vinegars. We mostly talked about the wine but the vinegars and oils have similar life span and the process of keeping those usable for a long time is similar too.

Protection from Corrosion

If you have metals in your home then you know the troubles that one has to go through with metals. The moisture and the air kills those from both inside and from outside. To make sure that your metals are safe for a long run,

you need to use a vacuum sealer. The sealer will save a lot of your time which you would have eventually invested in cleaning and washing the metal items. If you do not have metals in your home then you do not need to worry about these probably. On the other hand, if you have then this is a must item for you.

Resealing Cracker Bags, Chip Bags & Other Items

This is pretty basic to understand. The main purpose of vacuum sealers is to make sure that your product/bag or anything else is secured from air. If you have a simple chip bag which is torn in a part and you want to make sure that the chips are not getting damped,

you can use a vacuum sealer to make that happen. It is easy and it does not take much time. Similarly, if you have a regular bag and there is a whole or something similar on one end, you can again use a vacuum sealer to make sure that the whole is turned off properly.

Emergency Situations

The last in our list is the emergency situations. There can be a lot of emergencies and you need to make sure that you are prepared for those situations. What if there is an earthquake tomorrow in your location and your building is torn down to the bottom. 

This is daydreaming yes, but this is true! This can easily happen and you will not have anything to do if this happens. The best idea is to prepare early. Simply store some dry foods using a vacuum sealer in every room of your house. You will need these in emergencies.

Also, if you are a traveler and if you move a lot, a vacuum sealer will help you in a lot of situations. You want to make sure that your passport and money is in someplace safe and a vacuum sealer can be that place for you. 

Again, what if you are surfing or going to a beach? A simple vacuum sealer can save you from a lot of trouble. What if rain suddenly starts to fall while you are in the road? If you have a vacuum sealer, you can keep your wallet and cell phone safe in those situations.

So these were the situations where you will need a vacuum sealer. There can be a lot of other situations which we did not cover in this article. Again, it is not like you will face all of these situations in your life either. It totally varies from person to person but at the end of the day, having a vacuum sealer is probably a good idea.

Final Verdict - Best Vacuum Sealer

At the end of the day, make sure that you are doing your own researches before getting  vacuum sealer for your home. It is not a tough task but yes, you should invest minimum time and effort in making sure that you get the best one. Take your time as there is no point in buying a new one every other month for the same purposes. Take your time and select the right vacuum sealer for your works which will serve you for the lifetime.