What is the Best Vacuum Sealer? – Guide and Review

Read Our Honest Review to know What is the Best Vacuum Sealer?

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When we buy food what do we do? Do we buy only the quantity I consume immediately? I must buy a bulk amount of food even if I have only myself to feed, and it is the right thing to do.

The reason is incredibly simple - It'll save money. But what about preserving those foods? The food will perish soon without preserving. Sure I have a refrigerator but will it enough? The answer is, no, it isn't.

I must keep food for longer use with all or most of its nutrients and benefits and without causing harm to it like freezer burn.

To do that I need something that preserves food for more than its shelf life, I need a vacuum sealer. It helps to maintain our food the way I want it. There are numerous vacuum sealers in the market.

The inquiry is, what is the best vacuum sealer that serves my purpose? What can I possibly look into the products before selecting the right one for me?

How to Choose “What is the Best Vacuum Sealer”

Every vacuum sealer has some commonly important points for buying it, apart from different features and benefits every vacuum sealer has some inherent characteristics.

You need to consider these aspects before making a buying decision. All points I mentioned here are from external vacuum sealers, which is the best vacuum sealer for occasional home using. Here are some essential points:

Suction Strength

Suction strength means how quickly the device vacuums food containing substances. It's a good performance indicator of the instrument.

If a device has higher vacuity intensity, then it requires lower time to remove the air from the food containers (bags, pouches, canisters, containers, etc.).

Some models have multiple vacuum strengths. It is best to utilize them for different types of food.

Suction power, performance, efficiency, whatever name people call it, it is a major factor and seriously needs to examine before buying a vacuum sealer.

Operational Versatility

I need to review the type of bags the device uses for vacuum and heat sealing operation. Is the device only uses pouches which are costly than bag rolls?

Using this device will be expensive. Or is it pre-cut specially textured bags which have air channels in it to help vacuum the air?

It is cheaper than pouches but what if the device can use other plastic bags, containers, jars along with that. It'll make the device a desired versatile product.

Seal Quality

After vacuums the bag, vacuum sealer seals the open end of the bag with the help of heat.

But depending on the material and quality of the bag sometimes undesirable result could occur, like poor heat seal (seal opened), which causes loss of freshness and flavor of the food.

This thing could jeopardize the entire purpose of storing foods. Fortunately, this only happens when someone uses non-recommended bags into any device.

It could break down the heat seal unit of the machine, and It's wise to buy a device with available recommended components.

Bag Width

A ‘wider mouth' (sealing bar/strip) vacuum sealer seals one large bag at a time. It is possible to seal two small bags instead of doing that.

A wider sealing bar can give consumer lots of feasibility. They can make multiple small bags from one bag or make ‘compartment’ in one big bag using heat seal function.

It also gives consumers option for storing directly big chunks of meat, fish, etc.

Recommended Vacuum Sealers

I have to choose the best product after I look into the benefits of a particular product and what other similar products on the market are offering after I sort out our unique needs from that product.

Obviously, the best one is the one which fits most into our needs. Let us see some recommended vacuum sealers.

1. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing; Model no: V2244

FoodSaver v2244 has powerful nearly commercial grade vacuum pumps. It vacuums and seals the food package quietly and quickly.

It uses heat seal roll, quart bags and gallon bags for food storing. These bags come with the product, and one might buy it at a later time.

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing; Model no: V2244

FoodSaver v2244 sealed the bags with its heat unit, and as long as you use the recommended bags from FoodSavers, you will enjoy the best quality sealed storing.

It is recommended to use their bags because of the air channels in the bag that help to vacuum out air properly. Other plastic bags may also damage the heat seal unit of this device.

Bags can be reusable, and if you cut them straight and clean, you can use it for a couple of times if you properly clean and dry them after each use. It has a wide sealing bar.

So, it's quite easy sealing big and small bags.

FoodSaver v2244 has accessory port and hose for sealing canisters, and it can marinate foods in minutes. A very long waiting hours needed for marinating foods is gone.

It has a dishwasher safe drip tray for catching any spillover of liquid. Its crush free instant sealing helps protect soft and delicate items during vacuum and sealing process.

So you can use that type of food in this vacuum sealer without many worries. Its compact design takes less space on the kitchen counter than others do.

It has a limited 1-year warranty. It is an external sealer device and its ideal for home use.

Product at a Glance:

  • Powerful almost-commercial-grade vacuum pump.
  • Accessory port and hose for sealing canisters and marinates foods.
  • Having drip tray, reusable bags, and compact design takes little space in the kitchen.

2. FoodSaver Automatic Vacuum Sealing; V3240

FoodSaver V3240 has powerful vacuum pump with two types of speed. One is for dry food, and other is for moist food.

These rates of speeds are manually controlled, and you can use it for optimum vacuum and sealing of your food through it.

 	FoodSaver Automatic Vacuum Sealing; V3240

This unique function makesthis vacuum sealer different from the others. It also uses roll, quart and gallon bags like FoodSaver v2244.

So these bags are available. In fact, the starter kit includes these three types of bags, and they are affordable if you want to buy them later.

Its seal action quality is excellent, and as long as you use the recommended bags, there will be hardly any problem. The sealing bar is wide enough (12 inches approx.) to work efficiently in sealing.

It has a built-in roll holder which holds a FoodSaver roll for extra convenience. It has a bag cutter with it. The bag cutter cuts the roll and seals the ‘bag' to your favored size.

It's very easy to use this device. There are switches for different operations. You can press the relevant switch for your needed operation.

For instance, if you press the ‘Seal' switch to seal at any time you want. It'll seal the bag even without vacuuming.

It also features crush free instant sealing which help protects soft and delicate items of food during vacuum and sealing process.

Its compact design takes limited space in the kitchen. It has a limited 1-year warranty.

Product at a Glance:

  • Two type of speed in vacuum pumps for different food.
  • Built-in roll holder and a bag cutter include with it.
  • You might do the sealing by pressing button causes immediate sealing for delicate foods.

3. Seal-a-Meal Manual Vacuum Sealer; Model no: FSSMSL0160-000

Seal-a-meal has a powerful vacuum pump which performs vacuum process entirely well. It is very easy to operate this device.

All you need is to place the open end of the bag, containing food, into the device, lower the lid and place your hands both side of the lid until the hands-free light is on.

Seal-a-Meal Manual Vacuum Sealer; Model noFSSMSL0160-000

After the light turns on it will start vacuum and heat seal the bag. It includes 4-quart size (8 inches) bags in its starter kit but can accommodate 11 inches' gallon size.

You can also use roll on for making flexible size bags. You have to press the open / cancel button for opening the lid and take out the fully sealed bag after all indicator lights turn off.

The uniqueness of this device is that it can help preserve nonfood items. You can vacuum and seal household items like silverware, jewelry and important documents, which can be distorted leaving in to open.

The device works with quart and gallon bags. It recommends FoodSaver bags. It has a dishwasher safe drip tray for catching up any spillover of liquid foods.

Its compact design takes limited space in the kitchen. It has a limited 1-year warranty.

Product at a Glance:

  • It has powerful vacuum pumps.
  • Easy-to-operate device.
  • Can preserve non-food items with it.

4. FoodSaver 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing; Model no: 4840

It has a powerful vacuum pump with two differentspeeds for two separate kind of food - one for dry food and one for moist food.

This different vacuum speed ensures optimum sealing of food. It uses three types of bag – roll, quart, and gallon heat seal bags.

best food vacuum sealer

It has a retractable handheld device for sealing different zip bags, canisters, containers, etc. and it could marinate foods in minutes.

Both standard and handheld device have excellent vacuum and seal operation function. The conventional device has a wide sealing strip for smooth sealing operation.

This unit is coming with a lot of things. It includes quart-size heat seal bags, gallon-size heat seal bags, quart-size zipper bags, gallon-size zipper bags and roll bags in its starter kit.

The combination of standard sealer and handheld sealer gives great convenience for the consumer. Now one unit can do both manual and automated work.

For sealing zipper bags with the help of the retractable handheld device, one must place the device on top of the valve inside the circle marked on the FoodSaver zipper bag and push the accessory button which is on top of the machine starting the vacuum process.

This process will stop after the completion of the sealing operation. The benefits of this device didn't stop there. It detects bag automatically.

It has roll storage and bag cutter unit and a dishwasher safe, removable drip tray for catching any spill over liquid.

Product at a Glance:

  • The powerful 'vacuum pump' with two different speed option.
  • Both automatic standard and manual handheld device for sealing and marinates food.
  • Starter kit includes a lot of things, have drip try and compact-sized device.

5. FoodSaver Automatic 2-Speed Vacuum Sealer; Model no: v3860

It has two sealing level one for dry food and another for moist food. It uses different types of rolls, bags and has a built-in retractable Hose for sealing containers and canisters.

Extra wide sealing strip for substantial sealing.This unit uses fully automatic operation, called ‘SmartSeal Technology' by FoodSaver.

 	FoodSaver Automatic 2-Speed Vacuum Sealer; Model no: v3860

It will sense the bag after placing it in sealing strip and the food type in it for appropriate vacuum operation for air tight sealing.

Like all other FoodSaver vacuum sealers, this is also preserved food for a longer time and free from freezer burns and other harmful effects of freezing or regular-storing.

The total sealing operation of this device is hands-free, after inserting a bag the machine does the rest. FoodSaver calls it, ‘state of the art in vacuum packaging' because of the extra pack in items in the starter kit.

It includes – two types of FoodSayer roll, 5-gallon size bags, 5-quart size bags, lunch, snack, quick marinating- one container each for every item and one-quart rectangular canister with a cheese grater.

It has a roll holder with a bag cutter, by which you can cut the bag. It also has two modes which it can run – one is Marinate Mode,

It marinates food quickly, and another is Canister Mode, it easily vacuums the air out of the canister or container. Truly it is an item for the long run!

Product at a Glance:

  • Smart Seal Technology
  • Two 'sealing levels'-that is used for different kinds of food.
  • Auto-sensing bag and type of food in it and sealing is hands-free.
  • It has a built-in retractable hose for sealing canisters, two modes for working optimally, and many included in the starter kit.

Final Verdict - What is the Best Vacuum Sealer?

We read much information about five vacuum sealers for food. But what do we come to know from it? If I ask, why anyone needs a vacuum sealer for storing food?

Simply because the traditional storing process including the regular freezer storage, have its drawbacks and nothing except vacuum sealing the food later, storing it in the refrigerator.

But it gives 5/6 times more benefits than the traditional way of storing foods. Cooked, non-cooked, leftover, everything can store in that way.

Now back to the vacuum-sealers, each one passes the four essential considerable points with flying colors. Besides, each one has significant features that are necessary for today's user.

Those are from FoodSaver. It has many products and experience in this field. They claim one sealer saves about $2.7 k per year.

It could be an overstatement or an understatement, but ‘vacuum sealer saves money'- that's true. You can think of buying a sealer as an investment, and your saved money will be your return.

Allen Martin

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